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Serpent S811 Cobra Competition Buggy Pre-Assembled Kit
Serpent S811 Cobra Competition Buggy Pre-Assembled Kit
 SER600001RR Serpent S811 Cobra Competition Buggy Pre-Assembled Kit. Assembled with pride by us right here at Overdrive RC.
 Having been at the top of the on-road competition racing for many years Serpent is now introducing an off-road buggy like no other.
 Meet the S811 Cobra.

With over 15 different manufacturers tested and countless hours of driving so many different concepts and suspension styles have been taken into account, you will indeed be happy with the package Serpent put together. The geometry is set up for maximum performance with the most efficient cornering in mind. Utilizing proven roll centers, shock progression and camber links, itís a given winner.

 Weight Balance
The weight balance is some of the best that anyone has ever experienced. The front to back and left to right balance have been greatly enhanced over even some of the most recent buggies. The drivers will definitely not find one side of this vehicle dragging the ground over another. It is perfect and it is barely if at all affected by the different types of batteries you can use.

 Gear Ratio
The gear ratio in S811 Cobra is 4.3:1 which has been proven to give you the most possible acceleration and also allow you to use a much larger variety of clutch bells. It will give the driver the ability to gear his car down on a short track if he needed to, if it meant the difference between winning and losing.

 Suspension & Shocks
The suspension is comprised of suspension arms that are very similar in length and also should aid in cornering as well as rough track handling. Serpent took some of the oldest design concepts and updated them for competition in 2010.
As for the shocks they are 16mm big bores, so you can absorb hard landings from even the largest jumps on the US style tracks. These shocks will definitely minimize oil over heat and aid in long mains.

 Engine & Clutch
The engine's location has been optimized to allow you just the right adjustability without compromising any of the car's overall balance. It is a forward type similar to those on recent cars, but not exaggerated too far to any extreme.
The clutch is a 4-shoe setup. After lots of testing different types of clutches it was decided that the 4 shoe was the best overall choice. You will be able to run different combinations of clutch shoes, but also be able to build multiple units to change out quickly.

 Steering System
Serpent's steering system is actually a more advanced system than you may have seen till now. It utilizes a bell crank system that is angled to better match the caster angle. What this means to you, is less bump steer than you have ever experienced before. The turnbuckle length is also improved over other buggies to again reduce unwanted bump steer. The overall package is very simple in design, user friendly and easy to adjust.

The body is extremely low profile and also fits the car super tight in all the right places. The cab and sides are equal in proportion. The rear of the body has additional down force, which helps guide additional air to the rear wing. The wing has a combination of different foils. It also has 2 fins inside of the side dams to aid in keeping the rear of the car where itís supposed to be.

 Anti-Roll Bars
The kit's anti roll bars are conventional but ball-raced, with bent piano wire that has laser-engraved lettering. Serpent will have an additional anti roll bar kit available as an option that is very advanced and even easier for drivers to adjust the wire sizes on the fly. Also the sway bars ride on ball bearings to insure they never get sloppy and will also provide consistent control.

 Ball Bearings
The car uses excellent industry standard rubber sealed bearings. In testing thus far they have been very durable and have taken far more abuse than some others that were tested on other vehicles.

 Fuel Tank
Our fuel tank utilizes a floating clunk design to help out if you get turned over and stuck upside down for extended time. The tank top has an overflow to help guide any unwanted fuel out the bottom of the car. The tank lid has been designed in a way to minimize splashing and keep the fuel off critical parts inside the vehicle.

The transmission is all captured. You will not have to worry about losing a pin in long mains or even at local events. It was designed so that no matter what, your drivetrain will stay assembled so you can finish any event duration without trouble. The driveshafts have been made of tool grade spring-steel and coated with the factory brown finish. They are also laser-etched with identification marks. You will not be disappointed in the quality and strength here.

 Brake System
The brake system has been simplified to help you set your brake system the same every time, no matter how many cars you build. The parts have also been lowered to help keep the CG as low as possible. It uses a piston system and provides superior braking like you have never felt before. Serpent will also have many optional brake upgrades available later to fine-tune the braking system like you have never been able to in the past.

 Servo Linkage
All the linkages and camber links have been captured so you never have to worry about a ball cup popping off when you are on that TQ run. This car had one thing in mind, in order to win, you must finish. With all details in mind even on the steering links, rest assured Serpent's goal was to create something even the lesser skilled driver could win with.

 Electronics Installation
The electronics installation is a little tricky the first time. You have a couple new things you have never had to do before. So for some it will be a bit foreign, however after you do it a time or two you will appreciate the packaged unit you get when you finished. The assembly is very clean, very tidy and simple if you want to remove it from the car. You do not have parts that look like they are just barely hanging on and out of place.

 Chassis, Chassis Stiffeners & Flex Control
The plastic stiffeners that are provided in the kit control the flex in all the right places to help you make it through the roughest terrain. The car is not too rigid, but also is not too flexible. As you may have found on some cars, the chassis is easily damaged and looks like a banana after only a few jump landings. You will not be disappointed in the end flex control and longevity of your chassis due to Serpent's design.

Includes Serpent's updated Version 2 radio box with hardware.

*Images are used for illustrative purposes only, actual product may vary
Our Price: $450.99

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